Download ZingChart Version 2.5.2 here.

zingchart version 2.5.2 ## New Features * '%stack-total' will allow you to easily figure out which bar plot is at the top of your stack. You can now easily display a `valueBox` at the top of your stack! * [Demo](
  • valueBox array for bullet charts. You can define the two types of valueBoxe's you want through placement: goal || top.

  • Update rankflow charts attribute to destroy left column with "options" : { "global-ranking" : false } which forces the chart to the full width of the div

Updated Features

  • Selection tool allows click to be registered. This enables the capability to click and clear selection

  • Added 'data-append-selection: true | false' to plot to allow for multiple groups of selection.

  • Hiding a plot with hooked labels to nodes will also hide the labels now. Whether or not you have legend.toggleAction defined as remove or hide.

Bug Fixes

  • Gauge value-box missing on non-animated charts

  • Fixed bar bounds not being updated on animation (causing selection tool failing to detect proper intersections)

  • Fixed bug with stack attribute

  • Fixed issue with bar indexes not being reset on mixed charts resulting in bad display when zooming the chart

  • Resize event using cached size values fixed

  • Responsiveness in firefox fixed

  • Microsoft edge/ie bug with floating point error values

  • Fixed issue with bar sizing on legend toggle when a chart has animation and "legendToggle": "remove"

  • Fixed bug with scale markers and resize event changing alpha of marker.

  • Fixed valueBox disappearing on animated guage chart when resizing window

  • Updated setdata event caching old chart attributes

  • Scale markers changing color on resize fixed

  • Stacked bar misaligning labels

  • Highlight plot and then legend tooltip with mediaRules

  • Powered by ZingChart logo being appended multiple times

  • offsetValue and actual value within 1 getting plotted incorrectly

  • Multiple crosshairs showing up on data with array of array logic [[]]

    • An adjacent solution might be add crosshairX.exact = true
  • Certain animation configurations fixed on waterfall charts

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