Download ZingChart Version 2.6.3 here.

New Features

  • Added vrange type charts. Demo

  • Added sticky tooltips on labels with HTML content. Demo

Performance Features

  • Fixed memory leak introduced by map node cloning.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug making the treemap turn all black when "aspect-type":"default" and when all values are the same. Demo

  • Fixed treemap transitions when the chart contains multiple treemaps.

  • Fixed side effects from 2.6.1 to 2.6.2 update:

    • Fixed broken defaults like palettes are not being applied.

    • Fixed value boxes being displayed by default.

    • Fixed legends being displayed by default.

  • Fixed issue where multiple boxplots in one graphset would cause whiskers to disappear or connect to the other boxplot:

  • Fixed bug where horizontal histograms were not accepting offsetX/offsetY on scaleX.

  • Fixed issue with pie valueboxes showing wrong values when plots are toggled.

  • Fixed issue with crosshair control on specific page positioning.

  • Fixed issue where tooltip would stay after selection of bars.

  • Fixed error in FireFox caused by draggable legends.

  • Fixed issue with horizontal bar charts where if step was set the chart would disappear.

  • Made draggable work properly on shared charts.

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