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New Features

  • Multiple divs + shared crosshairs is finally here!
  • Demo
  • Grouped scale text is easily achievable
  • Demo
  • Full width crosshair line will highlight tick sections
  • Demo
  • %offset-values token was added for floating bars
  • Demo
  • scale-v and scale-k tooltips added
  • Demo
  • Implemented active-area by default for radar charts. active-area triggers the hover-state when user mouses over the area portion of the plot.
  • Demo
  • Grouping of shapes so updates can be applied to them as a whole. Works for maps and shapes.
  • Maps Demo
  • Shapes Demo

Updated Features

  • Callback for feeds now passes back graph information so you can use a single function to return different values to different charts
  • Demo
  • Selection tool works better with more chart types and styling
  • Comprehensive selection tool information here
  • Bar Graph Demo
  • Updated animations with value-box for smoother appearance
  • Demo
  • Improved performance for stream graphs and feeds
  • Demo
  • 3D facets added to the DOM to allow hover-state styling for 3D charts
  • Demo
  • Extended label hook functionality for scales
  • Demo
  • Crosshair scale-labels now have better callout positions
  • Demo

Bug Fixes

  • Feeds now work with API appropriately. No longer speeds up.
  • This demo dynamically applies a new set of rules to the chart to determine color during feed runtime.
  • Fixed globals inheritance issues
  • Fixed legend minimization hiding legend issue
  • Fixed preview window caching old values issue when using API
  • Fixed API events causing resize issues
  • Fixed issue that when rendering multiple charts, tooltip is sometimes fired on both charts
  • Fixed stream chart animation
  • Fixed bug ignoring scale-r.ring.size attribute
  • Fixed rounding error with %total token when total sums to 0 in stacked bar charts
  • Fixed preview displaying opposite color when rules are applied to change a chart's color
  • Fixed setting zingchart.ASYNC = true resize and repaint issues.
  • Fixed value box issue for charts starting with plots initially hidden (visible:false)
  • Fixed margin:dynamic issue for chord charts
  • Fixed so chord charts with all 0 values will now render
  • Fixed dynamically updating pie charts with all plots hidden
  • Fixed offsetStart and offsetEnd on bubble charts

Documentation Updates

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