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Download ZingChart Version 2.8.0 here.

New Features

  • New Variable Width Bar Chart. Demo

  • New Vector Plot Chart.

  • New Hexmaps plugin.
  • New Sparklines chart. Demo

  • New Pictograph Module. Demo

  • New Scatterplot Matrices. Demo

  • New Grouped Data Bar chart. Demo

  • Added functionality to right click export csv, xls and showing a html table with the data.

  • New Heatbar chart. Demo

  • Improved column highlighting. Demo

  • Added rgba to include alpha properties.

  • Allow getobjectinfo method for scales to return x/y information and height and width. Demo

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed CSS transform tooltip issue.

  • Allow alpha to work on markers with label tolerance.

  • Fixed ring chart issue with value 99.99.

  • Fixed legend overflow issue.

  • Fixed treemap labelclick event issues with pathway.

  • Fixed memory leak issues.

  • Fixed edge case zooming bug.

  • Fixed pre build exception error.

  • Fixed rgba issue causing blue lines.

  • Fixed range band working with rgba.

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