ZingChart 2.6.2 is now live and ready to download!


  • Labels for groups of bars. Demo

  • Set max-width of bars using bar-max-width. Demo

  • Set title as clickable URL. Demo

  • Allows y-axis to function like the x-axis with zooming and using string labels. Need to use step:1 & fixed-step:true on scale-y object. Demo

  • Allows Legend state as collapsed using collapse:true in the legend object. Demo

  • Allows aligning 0 on multiple y-axis'. Demo

  • For valueBox placement with radar added placement options (in/out/over).

  • Set scaleY 0 index to be plotted at 0%. Demo

  • Added additional layouts for plotLabel, especially useful when plot labels are too large and cut off. Demo

  • scalableyaxis plugin allows for users to drag scales. Demo

  • Added preview-state object to series items to be able to override style displayed in the preview box. This only applies to bar, line and area charts. Demo

  • Added custom alpha-area for a specific node in a series. Demo

  • Added additional layout for plot label. Demo

  • Added functionality to allow linking in the chart title. Demo


  • Updated NodeJS build.

  • New chord attribute "group-padding": 110 allow for radial space between bands for a different chord look. Demo

  • Added multiguide plugin to pin crosshairs to the chart by clicking. Demo

Performance Features

  • Complete reset of ZC.cache when reaching the max cache limit in the browser.

  • New development flag DEV.SKIPTCONTEXTMENU to skip rendering the context menu. Demo

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with mobile plugin causing errors when crosshairX is disabled.

  • Fixed issue with 1px borderTop not rendering on some bars.

  • Fixed issue with exporting charts when output set to 'SVG' on IE returning image data of -1.

  • Fixed Line Issue with newest Node.js build throwing error.

  • Fixed issue with getxyinfo method returning wrong values when chart containers have CSS matrix transformations.

  • Fixed issue with preview not toggling with legend click.

  • Fixed issue with tooltip not being destroyed with real-time charts.

  • Fixed issue when resizing the window the chart series order gets mixed up making the chord chart relationships invalid.

  • Fixed issue with download svg on context-menu.

  • Fixed issue with crosshairY not working with hotfix4.

  • Fixed issue on zooming on maps with "scaled" items (AK in USA for example). Demo

  • Fixed issue with area charts not stacking correctly. Demo

  • Fixed issue with value box showing double values due to overlap. Demo

  • Fixed scaleY zooming. Demo

  • Fixed value boxes disappearing on selected state the first click and appearing on subsequent states. Demo

  • Fixed selected state for calendars. Demo

  • Fixed issue displaying single bar plot on x-axis having extra space. Demo

  • Fixed bug with preview not toggling on modify plot. Demo

  • Fixed issue where tooltip persisted on real-time plots. Demo

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