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Download ZingChart Version 2.6.1 here.

New Features

  • scalableyaxis plugin allows for users to drag scales Demo

  • Added "preview-state" object to series items to be able to override style displayed in the preview box. This only applies to bar, line and area charts. Demo

  • Added "connect-nulls" to series items (works currently only on line/area in fast mode) to draw lines through large breaks in data that are filled with null values Demo

  • Arrow tip removal through aspect: [0,0] Demo

  • New zoom variables emitted xzoomed : true || false
    yzoomed : true || false
    . Hiding and showing buttons on Zoom is now a breeze. Demo

  • Added support for CSS matrix transformations on chart containers Demo

Updated Features

  • New chord attribute "group-padding": 110 allow for radial space between bands for a different chord look Demo

  • Added multiguide plugin to pin crosshairs to the chart by clicking Demo

  • Maps scrolling flag allows you to turn scroll zoom on and off Demo

  • gauge charts to csv parser Demo

  • placement option for radar value box placement: (in | over | out). Position can also be tweaked with offset-r attribute Demo

  • Added collapse:true to legend to force minimized initial state Demo

  • Added single-line: true attribute in crosshairX. Ised with exact: false it will show all plot labels but display only one crosshair line and scale label. Typical used when null values are present and multiple guides are showing up.

  • Added alt tags to image map for 508 compliance. Alt tag is empty and will pass the 508 compliance test telling screen readers it is decorative and not informational.

  • Image export APIs and routines now export preview window state (both SVG and CANVAS) Demo

  • "auto-fit": true || false as an option of the 3d-aspect object. If true, the zoom attribute is modified automatically so that the chart will fit into the container (takes into account plotarea margins).

  • label_click events for title and scale label objects

  • Custom tokens added for scale-x and scale-y to allow for custom scale tooltip textarea Demo

Performance Features

  • Complete reset of ZC.cache when reaching the max cache limit in the browser.

  • New development flag DEV.SKIPTCONTEXTMENU to skip rendering the context menu Demo

  • New development flag DEV.SKIPPROGRESS to skip rendering the waiting log Demo

  • Updates for speed when rendering bar charts Demo

  • Updates for speed when rendering bubble charts Demo

  • optimization for checking the logo only once when there are multiple charts on the page

  • preview chart rendering optimizations for speed

  • Replaced eval() statement on jsRule which was causing a minor memory leak

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue on zooming on maps with "scaled" items (AK in USA for example) Demo

  • Draggable legends will now retain their relative position in case the chart resizes.

  • plotarea margin: 'dynamic' accounts for rotated text spacing

  • Scrolling over charts when maps are loaded on the same page causing script errors

  • Legend state (with toggle-action:remove) will persist on chart update/reload

  • Fixed zingchart.maps.zoomTo() being obfuscated

  • Duplicate gui object in the chart JSON after render

  • stacked bar charts throws script error when the first series contains all null values

  • Disabled zooming and scrolling on funnel charts because those attributes flipped the chart upside down

  • Fixed error on null funnel nodes

  • Fixed issue with printable versions of charts being left in a "detached" state, on the left-top area of the window

  • preview fix for VML charts

  • Changed floating point detection amongst pie charts

  • legend broken with charts created through CSV

  • Fixed SVG gradients not being destroyed on guide move

  • Fixed zoom/scroll behavior on mirrored scales

  • Fixed bug with zoomTo call when scale-x is not defined

  • Fixed legend DOM node not being cleared on chart repaint

  • Fixed issue with labels displaying that have the hook attributes and the hooked nodes are not visible

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