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ZingChart Build 2.6.0 release notes

Maps Now Have Zooming

Potentially breaking change!

ZingChart now added new ZingChart maps functionality. The new updates include

Zoom Controls
![zoom controls]( button.gif)

Double Click To Zoom Where Cursor Is
![click to zoom gif]( to zoom.gif)

Scroll To Zoom Where Cursor Is


ZoomTo API Demo

Styling/Placement Of The Zoom Controls Demo

In previous versions of ZingChart, the maps supported an unconventional and obsolete way of Zooming with x/y coordinates. The new updates allow for zooming, panning, and scrolling on maps. We plan to increase the efficiency of this zoom in upcoming releases.

The new zooming does not work with bounding-box. This shouldn't be a problem for many, just something that deserves an honorable mention. In this case, you should turn off the new zooming functionality.

  • Turning off new maps zoom functionality Demo

New Features

  • ZingChart Maps Zooming Demo

  • Stacked bar attributes %stack-average and %stack-length Demo

    • Previously released in v2.5.2 was %stack-total Demo
  • New svg export functionality. You no longer need just canvas to use getimagedata Demo

  • Improved Bar Chart rendering speed with mode:'fast' coupled with maxTrackers:0 will increase the render time by over half. Demo

  • SVG scatter charts rendering speed were improved. This is the custom code to gain back tooltips and hoverState Demo

  • 3d toolbar has been added back into the build Demo

Updated Features

  • TimeZone attribute now supports float values Demo

  • plotLabel now supports rules and jsRule. Great for mapping variables within your plotLabel.text Demo

    • added extra tokens usable also on node related rules (%node-x, %node-y, %node-width, %node-height, %node-size)
    • extended parameters passed in the jsRule handlers (containing node info: x, y, width, height, size)
    • scaleLabel on crosshairY (for value scales), not being bound by nodes, accept the following tokens (%scale-value, %scale-text and %coord) or parameters in jsRule (value, text, coord). Coord can be either the x position or the y position, depending on chart type (line vs vline for example)
  • scaleLabel now supports rules and jsRule Demo

  • removenode API method now accepts nodekeyvalue as parameter Demo

  • node information now contains selection status for that node

  • added minMarker and maxMarker objects to allow for different marker styling on Range charts Demo

  • New Logic for the attribute exact:true and displaying crosshair appropriately.

  • 3d chart logic was revamped to allow annotations and cooler depth styling Demo

    • improved 3d layout online,area, reverted display order on z axis, fixed clipping
    • added depth attribute for plot (to be able to force size of the plot band)
    • added axis object on scales
    • implemented both toggle actions (hide | remove)
    • fixed placement of objects using hook attributes in the 3d space
  • added a global object graph, positioned at same level as graphset which will propagate on all graphs of the graphset. Much likeplot does to series Demo

  • Added object:true option to update API to ease the work with objects. Multiple additions of objects have to be set with update:false parameter and after all object additions, update API needs to be called.

  • Added 'max-values' parameter to addseriesvalues to force the chart to remove old nodes when appending new ones Demo

Bug Fixes

  • Line chart with aspect:'spline' works with preview object

  • Scale tooltips always displaying 0 index of scale in tooltip

  • Chord diagram labels fixed. Original plotarea changes in v2.5.0 broke the vertical item labels Demo

  • background-color within ring object on Gauge charts

  • %total and thousandsSeparator within the tooltip object now works Demo

  • Borders on legend.header and legend.footer work independently

  • 100% height and fixed chart width no longer resizes the chart on load

  • Rendering bug on html-tooltips with placement attribute

  • Issue with crosshairs when plotLabel has header-text

  • Selection tool no longer fires when dragging preview window

  • zoomTo issues with graphs in a graphset

  • dual plotted line with Line chart with aspect:'spline', a couple points and small chart width

  • Pie Chart disappearing with odd values like values:[110.67]

  • valueBox.backgroundColor fixed on charts with output:'canvas' Demo

  • Bar sizing issue when hooked labels exists in JSON and user is zooming in & out of the chart.

  • crosshairs on multiple vertical charts with shared crosshairs Demo

Range Charts
  • rendering issues with aspect:spline

  • markers disappearing on chart zoom

  • implemented preview window

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