Here at ZingChart, we understand demos are important, and not just for new users. Long-term ZingChart users also rely on demos. Whether you’re discovering new features or learning the ins and outs of one feature in particular, a working example is almost always guaranteed to be more helpful than a blob of text. That’s why we have always worked to provide meaningful, contextual demos, from our style-focused Gallery to our feature-focused Kitchen Sink, and all of the demos in between.

Lately, we’ve been working to bring you new demos that focus on more niche topics like using ZingChart with data from various databases and in conjunction with different web frameworks. Read on to see if we’ve covered what’s in your project toolbox and let us know if we haven’t!

Frameworks, Languages, and Databases



A recent addition to the data store community, Firebase is a real time NoSQL cloud database that stores data as JSON. Check out this repo to see how easy it is to grab data from a Firebase database and render a chart.



ZingChart’s already massive collection of chart modules is now infinitely extensible with our GeoJSON module. Create new maps from any files that adhere to the GeoJSON specification. GeoJSON a widely accepted method for representing geographic features in JavaScript Object Notation. Check out the repo to see how easy it is create a custom map of your own.



One of the most popular NoSQL options on the market, MongoDB is a free and open source document-oriented database that stores information in JSON-like objects. This Node demo uses Express and the MongoDB object data mapper Mongoose to render a chart using data from MongoDB.



Apache CouchDB is another document-oriented NoSQL database. Like Mongo, it also stores data in JSON-like objects. However, CouchDB is slightly different from MongoDB due in part to its Eventual Consistency replication model and its focus on high availability. To demonstrate using ZingChart with data from CouchDB, we built another Node/Express demo using the Node driver for CouchDB, Nano.



Ruby-on-Rails, often referred to as simply “Rails”, is an MVC web framework for the general purpose programming language Ruby. In this repo, we’ve repurposed the Rails “Getting Started” demo to show you full CRUD operations and a basic version of the system we use to manage our own gallery.



Sinatra is the chosen microframework of thousands of Ruby users and companies such as Heroku, GitHub, and Apple. Sinatra is a small, flexible framework designed to get a web app running quickly and easily. Having served as the inspiration for dozens of frameworks in dozens of languages, Sinatra is a solid framework choice for getting started with Ruby. Learn how to include ZingChart in your Sinatra apps with this helpful demo.



PHP and MySQL both made their their first release in 1995. With these technologies celebrating their 20th birthdays this year, it’s no surprise that PHP is the #1 server side scripting language and MySQL is the #2 RDBMS in the world. Every web developer has touched one or both of these tools in their career. Whether you’re new to ZingChart or new to PHP, this ZingChart demo is a great, real world example of querying a MySQL database and using PHP to handle the results.



Node.js might not be 20 years old, but this form of server-side JavaScript has definitely changed the server-side landscape in the relatively short period of time since its release in 2009. With Node came thousands of new packages, frameworks, and components for us to build our applications with. In this ZingChart demo, we’re using:

  • The Sinatra-inspired Node framework, Express
  • Our old friend MySQL
  • The Node.js mysql module
    To build a mini Express app that renders a chart from our MySQL data.
    If you’re actually looking for a Node.js build of the ZingChart library, drop us a line and we’ll get you taken care of.

Which framework, language, or database do you want?

We understand that easy integration is an important factor to consider when choosing a new tool or technology. Is there a framework, language, or database being used in your project that you’d like to see a ZingChart demo for? Put your requests in the comments below and we’ll be in touch!


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