Many of our users have shown interest in our "guide" feature that allows chart viewers to hover over areas of a visualization and see what series values are available for a given x-axis node. The guide feature is a great one since it doesn't require end users to hover over exact nodes to trigger tooltips, and it allows for viewing more than one tooltip at a time for comparing series values.

Well, we recently took our guides one step further and gave them a new name in the process. These hover-guides are to be called "crosshair-x": and "crosshair-y": and are new objects within the "graphset":. They're customizable, and they are awesome. Give them a try:

Crosshair Guides: Details

NOTE: If you ever want to dig deeper into the JSON that drives one of our charts, just right click on it and select View Source.

The crosshair-x and crosshair-y features are fully customizable, from the lines to the tooltips ("value-label":) to the labels for scale-x and scale-y ("scale-label":). Here's some sample code to try out to get you started:

(the following goes within "graphset":[{}])

            "text":"%t Sales: %k: $%v",  

Happy Charting!

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  • Andrew
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