ES6 Imports are here! We are working on keeping backwards compatibility for all of our clients, but as Javascript progresses so do we. We now have an es6 version of the library to make importing and using ZingChart in modern frameworks much much easier.


autoFit: [false,true] will allow for autofiting the scales on [min,max] values to be set individually. autoFit: true will default to [true,true].

es6 export/import version of the library. Allows for import of the library through script modules with import zingchart from 'zingchart/es6';

After download from npm you can import ZingChart with the following:

import {zingchart, ZC} from 'zingchart/es6';
import {pareto} from 'zingchart/modules-es6/zingchart-pareto.min.js';

New Documentation

Notable Fixes

  • Fixed CSV download for time-series returning false values.
  • Fixed issue with custom tooltip tokens.
  • Fixed %scale-key-text returning wrong value.
  • Fixed commenting scaleX object label causing error in CSV excel spreadsheet.
  • Fixed complications between autofit and valueboxes.
  • Fixed edge case where legend was overlapping charts.
  • Fixed null value in bullet charts still showing up.
  • Fixed issue with collapse:true on legends without minimize:true.
  • Fixed “zoom-to-values” not working in scaleX.
  • Fixed missing ticks in Chord diagrams.
  • Fixed ghost value boxes appearing in select zoom circumstances.
  • Fixed scale angling bug with 3D bar charts.
  • Fixed setseriesvalues API  bug with plotindex parameter
  • Fixed setguide API method on mobile
  • Fixed chord diagram missing ticks
  • Fixed collpase:true breaking legend
  • Fixed null values on bullet charts
  • Fixed shared legend on population pyramids
  • Fixed border: 'alpha' not showing up with animations
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