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With just one day left until the much anticipated release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the ZingChart team has taken full advantage of the buzz and made a handful of 100% scientifically accurate charts to fill in fans and neophytes alike on some of the finer points of Star Wars trivia.

*These charts are neither scientific nor guaranteed to be accurate. That being said, nerdy corrections welcome.

Star Wars Charts: Completely Unnecessary, But Here We Are

*Hover over charts for tooltips

C3PO was an amazing OK statistician

Thanks for interrupting, Han. Now we’ll never know the odds of surviving an attack on a Star Destroyer. sigh.

Just how big are womp rats? Well, since you asked…

In a universe where scale is unimportant, rats can be the size of - well, anything!

Here’s a great opportunity for a clever quip about the Rebels’ choice to use the metric system of measurement instead the Imperial system. Sadly, we’re not that clever...

“The reading is off the chart…”

There was no way we were passing this one up. Can you blame us?

JJ, we thank you for leaving this, cough unfortunate, part of Star Wars out of the upcoming film.

Princess Leia thought so highly of Han Solo!

No. No, she didn't.

Han Solo is the original hipster. He was scruffy before it was cool.

"Aren't you a little uppity for a princess?"

Princess Leia, you’re one to talk. You’re only 5’1”. Maybe 5’2” when the hair buns are in full effect. Cut Luke some slack. He’s perfectly average height.

Say what, now?

"We All Know It, But The Way He Says It…"

Admiral Ackbar knows our clickbait was a trap.

We should stop, but...

...we really don't want to. Can you think of any other Star Wars stats, wildly inaccurate or otherwise, that we can chart? Leave them in the comments below with your Twitter handle and we'll tweet your requested chart!

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