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HTML5 charts based in JavaScript are a great way to add interactive data visualizations to your apps and sites. But what if vanilla JavaScript isn’t your jam? We created a wrapper or plugin for you to use ZingChart with jQuery syntax.

Now you can use jQuery to easily build charts with all the ZingChart features you love.

jQuery charts now available with ZingChart wrapper

jQuery charts wrapper: what is it?

The ZingChart jQuery wrapper is a lightweight extension of the ZingChart library that allows anyone to create, modify, and interact with charts entirely with jQuery syntax and functionality. Spend less time writing code and more time making gorgeous and interactive charts.

Why did we build it?

jQuery provides extensive tools for manipulating the DOM, working with AJAX, and binding events. We wanted to provide a way for our users to integrate jQuery’s powerful features and hundreds of plugins with ZingChart’s extensive API.

How did we build it?

We built the ZingChart jQuery wrapper as a simple jQuery plugin. It’s both lightweight and extends from the current ZingChart events and methods while providing some new useful features like hover states and selective plot modification. The result is a powerful and easy-to-use library that can be used in tandem with any of your favorite jQuery libraries.

Using the jQuery wrapper with ZingChart

Step 1: Include jQuery (works with both 1.x and 2.x)

Step 2: Download the ZingChart jQuery wrapper

CDN to access ZingChart jQuery charts

Step 3: Include the wrapper and your ZingChart scripts
including ZingChart in your jQuery file

(plus any ZingChart modules as needed).

Step 4: Sit back and enjoy charting greatness!

In-depth Use Cases for ZingChart jQuery Charts

  1. Chart legibility for clustered charts

    Achieving this functionality through our standard API would have taken significantly more code and API calls.

  2. Manipulating the chart with methods

  3. Zingify: table to chart

Get your jQuery charts today

jQuery charts are now more easy and powerful than ever now that you can use the ZingChart JS charting library to create them. Check out our jQuery docs page for more in-depth knowledge!

Head over to GitHub to download, install the Bower, or use our CDN to get started!

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