Over the last few weeks, we have closely followed the HTML5 vs Flash debate. Obviously, we have some stake in this because we promote a charting library that works in both environments. This means that if you talk to our tech team, they curse about both technologies, not just one.

HTML5 gains

Anyway, kidding aside, we are starting to see for a number of reasons the technical arguments put out by Steve Jobs and then argued about excessively are getting thin and tiresome. Today, we found what we think is a mortal wound quote to many who promote the HTML5 always better argument courtesy of  Google itself in regards to Chrome (a WebKit based browser like Safari).

Google Chrome Team on HTML5 <video> vs Flash

Read in place (without our snarky visual treatment) or see the capture here.
From the mouth of Google to your ears...Flash video beats HTML5 video

Wow! Read that again.  From Google, the maker of the fastest browser of all, employer of the guy who runs the HTML5 spec, they are not as good performance-wise in video as Flash and have nontrivial overhead (Translation: Lower speed, more CPU load!) Now note especially on low-end CPUs point. Hmmm...what was that about mobile, iPad's, overhead, etc., Steve?

The angles

Google: Scold your too logical and transparent programmers for destroying this juicy HTML5 > Flash meme's credibility and get busy scrubbing this page.

Adobe:  Please send us a few copies of CS5 since you are in a happy mood right now.

Everyone else:  Either back to work or  get your flame on if now you don't believe the Chromimum engineers!


The ZingChart "why can't we all just get along?"  Team

P.S. Because we build software that work in both HTML5 and Flash, the argument to us is moot (in the charting space at least). You see we sell to both sides.

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