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Da da da..zippity boo the elevator music continues and we still haven't launched.  What's going on you ask?

Well, we are busy working out the last minute pre-launch efforts.  The library works very nice now, the online graph builder is powerful and massive, the docs are quite expansive , the licensing and purchase stuff is operational, but now we find the what the heck bugs and the so common last minute crisis of release.

Our "what the  heck bugs" are the fun realization that we can't do simple things we figured we should. For example, styling our legend with bullet shapes or adding axis ticks on the inside of the graph can't do it.  Being closet (well more honestly speaking, out in the open) perfectionists we don't really want to launch, but maybe we just should.

Our eleventh hour release crisis is our ever present debate about market position and what about this or that or some other technology that is currently the shiny new thing.  Maybe you care probably not you just want to see some graphs, so here have a slice of our 3d-pie.


So anyway, we really are getting ready to ship soon...we promise :-)

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